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The Museum of Contemporary Art University of São Paulo http://www.mac.usp.br/mac/ , is a contemporary art museum, one of the largest art museums in the country. With more than 8,000 works (comprising the most important artists, art movements and tendencies), museum houses one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of 20th-century Western art in Latin America. During your São Paulo visit, looking for Lasar Segall, you too can discover Amedeo Modigliani self-portrait and Mulheres à Beira do riacho by Piero Marussig,

His preferences went to gray and pale green, to thin ocher, to dark red and lemon yellow. In 1957, an exhibition dedicated to him was made at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, with paintings and sculptures, drawings, watercolors and engravings. At the age of 14, he entered the Vilna Design Academy. Precursor of expressionism, Lasar Segall http://www.mls.gov.br/lasar-segall/ was limited in his creative moments strictly connected to the use of colors and representative typologies. He was a painter born in Lithuania in 1891, who moved to Brazil. In 1906, he went to Berlin, Germany, to study at the Imperial Academy.

Best samba bars in São Paulo? Cover charges depend on the artist performing and the day of the week. São Paulo’s samba roots go back. You need comfortable shoes when your feet start to move, looking for suggestions of samba bars not to be missed. Bar Mangueira https://www.facebook.com/barmangueirasp is one of the most popular Brazilian music venues, with dance floor and mezzanine (if youare too shy to dance).

Known by nickname Queixinho (small chin), Noel Rosa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utUzUVEs90s studied in the Colégio de São Bento, where he was famous for his intelligence, little commitment to studies. His music contributed to the spread of the first radios when, around 1930, the samba began to be considered as part of the Brazilian cultural root. Despite his premature death, he is remembered for his ability to tell the everyday irony.

Movie posters enrich its decoration and book covers. With its architecture inspired by colonial Brazil, the Mercearia São Pedro https://www.facebook.com/saopedromercearia/ is always full. At night, you can be sure of finding people who like to talk about literature and cinema here. Inside a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, its nightly soundtrack is composed of jazz music. Nothing better to read about Cecília Meireles, along with whomever you want.

Known as a poet, she gave original contributions in the field of chronicle, children’s literature and folklore. Writer and poet, teacher, journalist and painter, with 50 published works Cecilia Meireles was an excellent female voice in Brazilian literature. She participated in a Catholic literary group, inheriting from this experience the spiritualistic tendency that you can perceive in her works.

If you are looking for great fashion houses, the right place is Rua Oscar Freire (in the elegant Dos Jardins district). The Paulista Avenue is the fulcrum of city purchases. Shopping in San Paolo is in every neighborhood for all those who want to buy big names, or find interesting offers. If you are interested in buying second-hand items, just know where to find flea markets and second-hand shops, as in Benedito Calixto Square http://pracabeneditocalixto.com.br/, where every Saturday you find toys, clothes and antique furniture. Too tired to walk? Browse the Carlos Miele catalog.

Mixing nature hot Brazilian with New York simplicity, he explained his winter collection. He made his American opening his first flagship store in New York. Carlos Miele http://www.carlosmiele.com.br/ showed his first collection at London Fashion Week. That 2002 show started his brand global expansion. Expansion into US followed his showing latest collections in New York Fashion Week. His satin dresses have lattice ribbons using black and white, always with an occasional blush pink and red.

Survival https://survivalinternational.org/, they led the campaign for the demarcation of Yanomami territory. They have supported their health and education. They are fighting alongside indigenous peoples across Brazil. Please join them, as did Claudia Andujar, a photojournalist who dedicated her life to this just cause.

The daughter of a man murdered in the Nazi camps, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, she has become a witness to the odyssey of Yanomami people. She was intrigued by the way of life of these people, who had had little contact with the outside world. Claudia Andujar http://www.oas.org/artsoftheamericas/claudia-andujar was an active member of the Pro-Yanomami Commission, coordinating the campaign for the 1992 creation of an Indian reservation.

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