A SPACE FOR THE SKYLINE – Adela Zamudio, a singular woman, precursor of Feminism in Bolivia

Dreaming love, under the pseudonym of Soledad

The facade of Cathedral of Cochabamba reflects a mestizo fusion of Spanish Baroque and indigenous architectural styles. Perched atop the hill in Cochabamba, tall statue of the Cristo de la Concordia is the tallest of its kind in the world. Located to the east of Cochabamba, the National Park Carrasco is boasts cloud forests, deep valleys and exuberant vegetation. Clothing, food, souvenirs, or books? One of the biggest attractions in Cochabamba is La Cancha (the city market on the south side of town), the largest open-air market in South America. Your unforgettable memory of these places? A book of poems by Adela Zamudio, born under this wonderful sky full of stars.

In her time, but even today, her presence and impact in Bolivian society were and are much broader than literary ones. The day of the anniversary of her birth, it became in her honor in Bolivia the Women’s Day. Adela Zamudio https://www.biografiasyvidas.com/biografia/z/zamudio.htm was born in Cochabamba on an October day 1854. Writer and teacher, painter and pioneer of the feminist movement in Bolivia, she is considered the greatest exponent of the culture of her country.

In addition to her country, her books were published in Argentina and France. Adele Zamudio’s https://mujeresbacanas.com/la-poeta-de-bolivia-adela-zamudio-1854-1928-cada/ poems were called “virile” and she herself was called “mujer-macho”. Author of poetic works and fiction, she dealt with issues concerning divorce and marriage, as well as the separation of powers between State and Church. Among his main literary works, Ensayos poéticos, Íntimas and Nacer hombres.

AMANECER – Mundo carnal, la primavera, resina en los dedos, pegajosos después de abrazar el árbol de palma y la corteza pegada, su opresión débil que despierta con un toque de rojo y los ojos velado por la tristeza, la prohibición se puede descubrir el centro del corazón¿Cuál fue mi voluntad pero subir a los árboles, llegar a la cima y ver las estrellas por la noche brillando en silencio? Se despertó en el mundo, ahora amanecey sin su voluntad se queda atónito, la pereza infinita, la soledad de nuestro manantial infinito alegría que exhala esta amenaza, esta melancolía. (DAWN – Carnal world, spring, resin on the fingers, sticky after hugging the palm tree and the bark stuck, its weak oppression that awakens with a touch of red and the eyes veiled by sadness, the ban can be discovered heart center.What was my will but climb the trees, reach the top and see the stars at night shining in silence? He woke up in the world, now dawns and without his will he is stunned, the infinite laziness, the loneliness of our infinite spring joy that exhales this threat, this melancholy).


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