COMBINING A WILD VARIETY OF VOICES AND TEXTURES – Róisín Murphy: Drawing on house music, ballroom culture, and avant-garde electronica.

Ireland’s queen of the avant-garde.

Its Seabreeze festival is a three-day event in mid-July, with many live shows and events at various venues throughout the town. At the mouth of the River Avoca, this is a town on the east coast of Ireland, founded by the Vikings in the ninth century. Arklow was the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the 1798 rebellion. Its Nineteen Arches Bridge is the longest handmade stone bridge in Ireland. This town is also the hometown of pop group Moloko lead singer Róisín Murphy.

She is an Irish singer-songwriter, became known in the 1990s as one-half of the UK-Irish trip hop duo Moloko. Róisín Murphy embraced 1960s fashions from going with her mother to car boot sales and charity shops. Born into a July day, 1973, she was brought up in Arklow (County Wicklow, Ireland), but when she was twelve, her family moved to Manchester (England). She moved to Sheffield at the age of seventeen, thinking would go to Art College. She embarked a solo career, releasing Ruby Blue, her debut solo album.

Her sensuous and ominous output is scattered across various genres and moods. She merged pop, house, and disco with an avant-garde sensibility and a stunning, shape-shifting visual output. Throughout her career, Róisín Murphy has received critical praise for her music, fashion and performance sensibilities. After an eight-year hiatus, her third album Hairless Toys was released in 2015

THE TRUTH – Go. Go to the mountain if you must. Go to the burning bush, if it would ease your troubled mind. I will be prepared to stay behind? I know you better than you think I do. Do not worry, dear. This is why I fell in love with you. The man in the looking glass is looking back at you at last. You cannot hide from the truth because the truth is all there is. You cannot hide from the truth because the truth is all there is. You cannot hide from the truth because the truth is all there is you cannot hide. If happy times are, too rare it is a pity dear; we cannot erase the things we have seen. So disappear, vanish if you wish just go before you are swallowed up by bitterness. And the truth is you can’t hide from the truth, and the truth hurts because the truth is all there is I realized some time ago that I would have to let you go. May not be true to say that you will return one day but in your present state, you may as well not be here at all. You wear a thin disguise; it is from yourself you hide just take a look at us; we are heading for a fall.

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