SOMETHING ELSE WILL CONVINCE YOU: THAT VOICE – Selah Sue: Tackles battle with depression head on, through songs.

Torments and concerns of youth, reggae and soul.

It features two medieval churches and a 17th-century castle. Before 1977, it used to be one of the biggest villages in the region. Leefdaal is a small town in central Belgium, in the Flemish Brabant. The restaraunt Bertem Brug offers excellent local cuisine at reasonable prices. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Offering a fixed menu (along with seasonal rotating dishes), it is a great place to enjoy Belgian comfort food. Among its famous inhabitants, the writer Guillaume de Metser and the singer-songwriter Selah Sue.

Studying psychology helped her to understand human emotions (which also is something that she deal with in her musical activities). At age fifteen, she learned to play the acoustic guitar and started to write her own songs as well. In 2011, she has had chart success with the hit singles “Raggamuffin”. Her debut album was a major success, selling over 720,000 copies in Europe. Born in Leefdaal (province of Vlaams-Brabant), into a May day 1989, SELAH SUE is a Belgian musician and songwriter. On 2012, her debut album was also released in the United States, where it received positive reviews.

WILL NOT GO FOR MORE – If I call for you will it feed the flame when it already breaks us in two, because I want a glance of how the story ends, but I already know the truth. What would I have to gain if I had everything so few, but I am relieved it is yours with my feelings on the line. I would do anything to fight this raging force, so I will not go for more. I will not go for more until the rain stops. Would not go for more until the haze drops. Found the light and hold it close to you, but it is already too late for that I could sing the notes hopeless as they sound their encouragement in my head. Our lives down the drain I would do anything for you. I can take the blame, my hearts on the line. I cannot do anything but lose this changing game. So, I won’t go for more I won’t go for more.

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