FROM DARKNESS, WITH LIGHT – Jacqueline Lamba: Publishing photographs, paint and create surrealist objects.

Began exhibiting objects and drawings, with the Surrealists.

She studied art at the National Higher School of Decorative Arts, attending André Lhote’s painting courses. Becoming the wife of André Breton, as well as the subject of her husband’s poems, she separated from him to marry an American sculptor and painter. Born in Saint-Mandé on a day in November 1910, JAQUELINE LAMBA became a painter and decorator.

Most of her works were lost at the end of World War II. Despite having been portrayed by the Picassos, Lam and Masson, her works, did not obtain a concrete evaluation. With André Breton, from 1934 to 1947, JACQUELINE LAMBA participated in the surrealist movement, creating decals, postcards and watercolors. Arriving in New York, she developed automatism into a series of prismatic paintings, close to the abstract work of Matta. During her return to France, in 1947 she participated for the last time in a surrealist exhibition in Paris. From 1963, her creativity was expressed through paintings and drawings dominated by the theme of the landscape.

Growing up his life was influenced by the ideas of the leftist circles. For its appearance and strong personality, JAQUELINE LAMBA was nicknamed “Quatorze Juillet” (July 14), with reference to the date of the Bastille taking. She met André Breton in a cafe in Paris, after discovering surrealism thanks to her cousin, writer and poet. In 1938, he stayed in Mexico, knowing Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Tried and tested by economic difficulties, her marriage ended in 1942. In her later years, lived in her Paris studio, where she died into a July day, 1993.

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