AESTHETIC TRANSFIGURATION AND PSYCHOLOGICAL INTROSPECTION – Giovanni Boldini, the master of flowing style of painting.

Enhancing female physical beauty, turning women into spectacular earthly deities.

Perhaps this morning you will have visited the Palazzo dei Diamanti, now you are hungry and you are looking for a restaurant. At the Osteria La Compagnia, we recommend a chopping board with culatello bow and typical salami, to which you can add a flan of pumpkin violina from Ferrara and ricotta with reggiano sauce. The dessert? Try the Ferrara Tenerina cake. Continuing your Ferrara walk, you will know the gripping life of a man who was born in this city. The Giovanni Boldini Museum is the most important public collection of works by a painter from Ferrara, protagonist of the Belle Époque. Since 2012, that museum, closed for restoration, but a selection of the works is exhibited at the Castello Estense

The son of a painter of religious subjects, he went to Florence to study painting. He worked in Paris for most of his career, but Italian painter GIOVANNI BOLDINI was born in Ferrara into a December day 1842. At the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, he met realist painters, precursors to Impressionism. Moving to London, he attained success as a portraitist. From 1872, he lived in France, where he became the most fashionable portrait painter in Paris in the late 19th century.

At the gates of the twentieth century, GIOVANNI BOLDINI represented one of the most beautiful examples of artistic innovation, not confined to portraits, but capturing the true essence of his subjects. Women were among his favorite subjects. In his paintings, you can admire the freshness of the colors, where the characters are depicted as if they were photos. He loved the luxury of the aristocratic class and the beautiful girls he fascinated with his personality. In his life, there were so many love stories, but he married only in 1926, at the age of 84 years.

To be able to admire his youthful self-portrait of 1856 (oil on paper, 16.5 × 13.5 cm) you will have to go to Ferrara, visiting the Giovanni Boldini museum. His self-portrait of 1892 (oil on canvas, 56 × 36 cm) awaits you at the Uffizi gallery in Florence. However, women are the real protagonists of his portraiture, because GIOVANNI BOLDINI was the interpreter of the entire period of the Belle Époque, portraying among others the Duchess of Marlborough, the actor Alice Regnault and the Marchioness Luisa Casati. In 1897, he held a solo show in New York, also participating in the Venice Biennale, until his death in Paris on a day in July 1931.

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