WHEN THE HORSES HAD FOUR FRAMES TO THE AIR – Florencio Molina Campos, the artist who claimed to have painted what he saw.

He painted because he liked to paint.

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His latest exhibition was as a posthumous tribute, in 1959. His work represents gauchesco scenes, with a bit of humor. Born in Buenos Aires into an August day, 1891, he was an Argentine illustrator and a painter. FLORENCIO MOLINA CAMPOS is well known by his traditional scenes of the Pampa. His first exhibition was in 1926, when he was named art teacher of the Colegio Nacional Avellaneda.

In 1930, company makers of espadrilles commissioned 12 illustrations from him, for their calendar and he continued to provide the drawings for the next 12 years. In 1942, FLORENCIO MOLINA CAMPOS http://www.molinacampos.net/ exhibited at the Modern Art Museum of San Francisco, and 1956 he had an exhibition in Buenos Aires. Until the mid-1950s, he was engaged as a creative artist consulting for Walt Disney, working for the animated film Bambi. In 1946 hepublished Vida Gaucha, a text book for Spanish students. He dead in Buenos Aires in a December day, 1959.

FLORENCIO MOLINA CAMPOS was a keen observer and had a very special photographic memory. In his works, various controversies have been raised with other artists of his time. One of these was for the horizons that he painted very low. Another very controversial aspect was that in some drawings he showed horses with their four paws in the air. His remains remained in the familiar Recoleta until, in the ’70s, they were transferred to the cemetery of Brown, where they remain.

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