SINGING FROM THE OUTSIDE – Moushumi Bhowmik / Indian bard songs in many voices.

Between kirtan, blues and both Indian and Western classical music.

You wish to visit one of Asia’s biggest Flower Market in a morning walk.Visiting Kolkata, you can move until Mallick Ghat, where overwhelm your senses in boisterous sounds and fabulous colors. For a Bengali Food Experience in Kolkata euro 19 for a traditional 3-course Bengali meal. To discover India’s “Land of the Goddess Kali” and explore traditions in a temple? for your Kolkata Temple and Spiritual Day Tour. How to remember these moments? Buy a CD with a musical selection of singer-songwriter who was born under this sky. 

She has also composed for Bengali documentary and art cinema. MOUSHUMI BHOWMIK formed a band in 2002, with members from Kolkata and London, drawing her repertoire both from her own compositions and from the rich folk heritage of Bengal. Her songs? They tobelong to the “modern” song type. She was born in Kolkata.

MOUSHUMI BHOWMIK an Indian Bengali singer and songwriter. Her albums enjoy great popularityin Bengali-speaking areas. In 2003, she embarked on a journey of recording and documenting the rich and varied tradition of folk music (West Bengal and Bangladesh), exploring new avenues of research, also with presentation-performance and lectures. Her work culminated in 2011, with the launch of the website The Travelling Archive.

TAKE A GREAT DAY, ALONE – It takes a day to be alone. I do not have dawn and Ido not see the morning. One day he takes one big one! It takes a day to be alone. The pen, song or letter you wrote, not written between your fingers. One day he takes one big one! It takes a day to be alone. I do not think I will talk home alone in the afternoon. One day he takes one big one! One night he takes one big one. When the side crumbled back and took the ears, the wind did not wake up or hear the ears, no one woke up. A great night alone took!

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