THE ART OF DRAWING WITHOUT AN ERASER – Artists life, through California and Arizona.

Art, freedom and creativity, the essence of all the beautiful on your California trip.

Creativity takes courage and every artist was first an amateur, such as every child is an artist. Without forget that art it is a journey enables us to find ourselves (and lose ourselves at the same time). With some photographs, we propose a journey through four nuances of Californian creativity: reading a book by Naomi Wolf on the myth of beauty, meditating on a poem by William Emerson and on the fascinating paintings by Wayne Thiebaud. The soundtrack of your “author’s journey”? Songs from the attic, by Brooke White.

The property of the images that appear in this blog correspond to their authors. The sole purpose of this site is to spread the knowledge of these artists and that other people enjoy their works. To pursue this issue, you can digit:



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