WHEN A BOOK PERFORMS IN POETRY NARRATIVE FORMS – Attilio Bertolucci / Between hermetic heritage and ability to translate every abstract elegance into a poetic discourse.

When it comes a season you would like to change skin.

It’s an Italian town located in the region of Emilia-Romagna (near the city of Bologna). Famous for its delicious contributions to the Italian cuisine (such as the prosciutto ham or the parmesan cheese), Parma has existed since the ancient Roman times. A place was once the Academy of Fine Arts, its paintings and sculptures we see today have been accumulated throughout the centuries. Into the National Gallery of Parma, you will find also works by Da Vinci, Barbieri, Allegri, van Dyck. It gets extremely busy in the evenings, and you too can get a glass of wine under 2 euros. In Enoteca Fontana http://www.parmamadein.com/enoteca-fontana.html it is worth sampling Lambrusco (fruity vine, sweet and slightly sparkling). Under this sky, a famous Italian poet was born.

He has taught art history, also carrying out an intense public and editorial activity. His poetic activity became unmistakable, compared to the typical ways of the twentieth century Italian, expressing a profound need to tell life. Born on a November day in San Prospero (near Parma), he had attended the National Convitto Maria Luigia of Parma, starting to write poetry around the age of seven. In 1929 ATTILIO BERTOLUCCI published his first collection of poems. In 1951 he moved to Rome. In 1951 he won the Viareggio Award for literature. In this period he cemented a friendship with the film director Pier Paolo Pasolini. Selections of his poetry has been translated into English by Charles Tomlinson. He died on a June day, 2000 in Rome.

WHITE ROSE – I will take for you the last rose of the garden, the white rose that blooms in the first mists. The greedy bees have visited it until yesterday, but it is still so sweet that it shakes. It’s a portrait of you at thirty, a little forgetful, as you will be then.

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