THE FIFTH ELEMENT – Luc Besson / I have to do something, otherwise I’m going to die.

Achieving popular, if not critical, success.

There are statues in her honour and an annual festival in May to celebrate it. In 1429 a woman liberated Orléans from a siege by the English, and the city has never forgotten this event. Its Musee des Beaux-Arts is a 2 minute walk from Hotel Groslot and the cathedral. Here you can observe nice collection of paintings by various French artists. In the heart of a city with no less than 135 ponds, The House of Ponds presents a historic approach to the region. The visit of the real estate debt is an excellent starting point to discover this area of the ponds. Although one of his films was shot in the former Czechoslovakia, the novel he was drawn from was set in this city.

With one of his works, he had returned to one of the most powerful female myths in history. In the role of the Maid of Orleans, the story of Joan of Arc had been interpreted by what was then his wife. As a child, he planned to become a marine biologist, spending much of his youth traveling with his parents in Italy, Yugoslavia and Greece. As writer, director, or producer, he has so far been involved in the creation of more than 50 films. He is a French film director and writer, well known for his distinctive style. LUC BESSON it’s born in Paris a March day, 1959. While still in his teens, he worked on the first drafts of “Le Grand Bleu”, also starting writing stories (including the background to what he later developed as “The Fifth Element”. In 1997, he won Best French Director for his sci-fi action film The Fifth Element.

A mixture of humor, action and love make up. This is what you will find in this novel written by LUC BESSON, As in the stories of love and survival, good and evil are faced in a future where everything can happen. Page after page, you too can discover that “The fifth element tells the story of a hero who was forced to fight evil. All started in 1914, when aliens Mondoshawans arrive at an ancient Egyptian temple to collect    the only weapon capable of defeating a great evil that appears every 5,000 years. At the time of its release, it was the most expensive European film ever made. The film was a financial success (earning more than $263 million at the box office).

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