Her paintings look as if they are sculptured on the canvas

LIU HONG YUAN 1/3 – She is a rare mixed media artist combining tradition and contemporary modernist trends. Her detailed works, consisted of every jewel worn by her lady, with the porcelains and fruit blossoms flowers on tables. This talented Chinese artist, was born in Baoding (Hebei Province). Her paintings look as if they are sculptured on the canvas. She bridges the chasm between the cultural aspects of Chinese history through her imagination, and in this way she is able to remember and reinterpret some aspects of her inherited history. Her flower arrangements are influenced by Song Dynasty paintings.

LIU HONG YUAN 2/3 – Through the artist’s elaborate reinterpretation of a traditional genre, her oeuvre is imbued with a harrowing dimension by the lacklustre facial expressions of her figures. She is an amazing painter with outstanding skills, trained in the best art school in Beijing. Her paintings interpreted the dark side of the old culture. Her figures are poised in theatrical stance and ornately garbed in traditional Chinese operatic costumes. She works in classic techniques of European masters, seldom seen in the world today. Expressing her own interpretation of Chinese cultural awareness, her style emulates the Dutch school of realism, in the use of egg tempera mixed with oil.

LIU HONG YUAN 3/3 – Creating a translucency through her application, she defines her creative impact. By applying classic techniques of European oil painting, she painted the first several layers totally in white, building then glazed colors. She is a young talent, who is dramatically emerging into her own promise with unconventional panache. Her beautiful oil paintings received Excellent Award.

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