Author’s travel, between Geneva and St. Gallen

Alpine scenery or sparkling blue lakes, but also emerald valleys, glaciers and villages, which are wrapped in ancient atmosphere. Switzerland, great choice for summer and winter holiday. One of the most famous monuments in the central city of Switzerland, Lucerne is the Chapel Bridge (built in the 14th century) with the famous Lion Monument, the sculpture of a dying lion, honoring the death of Swiss guards during the attack on the Tuileries in French Revolution.

Creativity is the productive capacity of reason or imagination, an innate creative talent, or a personal inventive skill. The particular ability to produce ideas, along with the flexibility of principles, generates the ability to structure their knowledge in a new way. That’s who are Friedrich Durrenmatt and Ferdinand Hodler, Stephan Eicher and Regina Ullmann, four creative Swiss people, we would like to indtroduce you in our trip to Switzerland.

Our journey begins in the heart of old town, Maison Tavel, the oldest house, site, which is absolutely unmissable for anyone interested in knowing Geneva. It is remarkable example of medieval civil architecture became part of Museum, witnessing the past and offer to the visitor an overview of the city, before the destruction of its fortifications in 1850. Medieval graffiti in the basement of the house is a highlight for many visitors. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions.

The Collection de l’Art Brut welcomes 40,000 visitors per year in Lausanne, each year offering 70,000 artworks gathered in this museum. Its authors are hosts of psychiatric hospitals, solitary and disadvantaged people of all kinds. All of them are free from any cultural conditioning or social conformation. These self-taught artists create in silence and solitude. The artists are essentially European, but the collection also houses authors from North and South America, Africa and Asia. The visitors say, this museum of outsider art is full of surprises. The stories alone are worth going for, and the pieces on display are interesting, some weird, many of the works are incredible detailed pieces. This place is possibly unique in Europe, do not miss it and confront yourself to a different thinking and art pattern.

FRIEDRICH DURRENMATT, born in Konolfingen in 1921, was a Swiss writer, dramatist and painter. After the Second World War, he began writing short tales and plays. He was the protagonist of renewal of German-language, German theater, dealing grotesquely with the problems of contemporary society and exposing the hidden gloom in society. In Neuchâtel (where he lived the last period of his life), has been created the Center Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel, which also collected many of his paintings.

STEPHAN EICHER is a Swiss songwriter, born in Münchenbuchsee in 1960. Over the years, he was able to conquer Europe singing in German, French, Englisg and Italian. At the age 17, he and his younger brother founded a punk techno group called “Grauzone”. The hit single “Eisbar” brought the sale of 500,000 copies in Germany and Switzerland. In the 1990s, Stephan had recorded two albums, which had international successes and established his reputation.

FERDINAND HODLER was born in Bern in 1853. In Switzerland, Germany and Austria he is considered one of the founders of modern art. His creative power and his taste for decoration reminded Rodin. He developed the style he called “parallelism”, where the symmetry and rhythm formed the basis are the background of human society. In the Kunstmuseum in Bern, you can admire two of his famous paintings: Night and Day. He died in 1918 in Geneva, leaving unfinished some works depicting the city. Some of his paintings, including the “Lake Geneva” seen from Chexbres, are visible in the Basel Museum of Art.

The special charm especially for rainy days has the Basel Dollshouse Museum. It is the largest museum of its kind. It brings visitors back to their time of childhood. The museum displays over 6,000 exhibits (teddy bears, dolls, play shops, dollhouses and miniatures) in arranged vignettes. It also regularly organizes special exhibitions on individual themes. In particular, the teddy bear collection is unique the world over in terms of variety and quality.

REGINA ULLMANN, Swiss-German poet and creator, was born in St. Gallen, a city, full of attractions. Special feature of the city is the Erker, oriel carved windows. Regina Ullmann started a correspondence with Rilke, her supporter and mentor and this influenced her work progressively. She became impregnated with the religious mystery inherent in everyday life. She converted to Catholicism in 1911.

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