WONDERS OF CANADA TOUR – Author’s Travel through art and nature, from Haida Gwaii to Montreal

Canada https://www.canada.travel/ is beautiful and impressive place. Its territory contains a series of natural and artificial wonders. Canada is divided into ten provinces and three northern territories. Before starting your journey we present you four creative Canadians.

Our trip begins in Haida Gwaii, formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, on the northwest coast of British Columbia, in Haida center http://haidaheritagecentre.com/. This Center protects and promotes Haida’s culture, reaffirming its traditions and beliefs, encouraging the artistic expression and taking care of all that they are. Through language, art, and stories, they share their relationship with the earth and with the sea, that forms, nourishes and sustains us.

Accomodation in the Haida Gwaii area? Check Jags Beanstalk, http://www.jagsbeanstalk.com/ only a mile north of the Skidegate BC ferry terminal. This place offers bistro, cozy guest rooms, coffee, conversaton and every morning watching the sun come up in one of the most beautiful places in the world, the pristine wilds in British Columbia.

Thanks to spectacular mountains, the Whistler resort https://www.whistler.com/ is the largest and most famous alpine skiing destination in North America. Situated on the coastal mountains of British Columbia, Whistler is a two hour drive from Vancouver. Every year this place is selected by nearly two million people as a winter vacation destination, a site with great restaurants and 90 shops and boutiques. Regardless of the activities you choose, your holiday will be unforgettable. Dog sledding https://www.whistler.com/activities/dog-sledding/ is a widespread activity in Canadian history and for practicing this activity it’s important to feel motivated and ready for an exciting group adventure, discovering marvels of the Callaghan Valley.

ARLETTE ALCOCK http://www.arlettemusic.com/ is a social songwriter and social activist, well known for her songs related to the challenges faced by Canadians and Canadian aborigines. She was born in Trail, British Columbia in 1958. In addition to her musical career, she also worked as a librarian for the Saskatchewan Indian Federation of Nations.

In Trail, there is VISAC Gallery (1501 Cedar Avenue), http://www.visacgallery.com/ It is creative visual arts center, place where you will find local art exhibitions, shows, workshops and periodic painting and drawing encounters. This non-profit gallery offers an exhibition space, meeting and programming area, with fully equipped studios. Its mission is to support and present the work of artists from the region, providing training opportunities at all levels.

Located in the province of Alberta, Banff National Park http://banffnationalpark.com/maps-guides/ is Canada’s first national park. The breathtaking landscape of the park and the wildlife attract tourists each year along the Trans-Canada Highway (which passes through the park). Banff National Parks has a great concentration of wild animals, such as black bears, grizzly bears, bison, moose, bighorn sheep, wolves and bald eagles.

After the oil was discovered in the early 1900s, this city grew enormously and became metropolitan area. Calgary is Alberta’s largest city, located between Canadian prairies and the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. http://www.calgary.ca/SitePages/cocis/Scripts/DefaultNav.aspx A long walk in the Bow River can give you the chance to visit enchanted landscapes of timeless beauty.

MIRIAM TOEWS is a Canadian writer born in Steinbach (Manitoba, Canada) in 1964. Her books have been translated into several languages. She has already won prestigious literary awards and has also played leading role in the Silent Light movie. Steinbach is the economic center of the southwestern Manitoba region. Its local cuisine is eclectic, but the true and delicious traditional cuisine is still the favorite one. Just 50 kilometers south-east of Winnipeg (worth the trip), visit the Livery Barn restaurant. http://mennonite-heritage-village.weebly.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html We invite you to taste the Mennonite cuisine (like kielke and roll kuchen) and to choose a traditional meal with peasant sausage and bread brown made from flour in the museum mill.

Typical Canadian menu in Toronto is served in Dakota Tavern (249 Ossington Avenue), http://thedakotatavern.com/ where you can enjoy bison burgers. The restaurant is an underground return to dusty salons depicted in the American West. The walls are full of mounted firearms and horns, boomerangs, band posters, and canadian hunting scenes. MARGARET ATWOOD is Canada’s most famous novelist and poet and curently lives in Toronto. She is a writer of stories, but her first publication is a poetry book, but several more poetry collections have followed after. Some of her books have been adapted for stage and screen.

KATHLEEN MUNN was born in Toronto in 1887. In the 1910s, creating abstract paintings, she became one of Canada’s first painters using abstraction. She was extraordinary in many ways, because she created art for art’s sake, and was highly meticulous. From Canadian works to the African art gallery, from contemporary to avant-garde art to a masterpiece by Peter Paul Rubens (The Massacre of the Innocent), the Art Gallery of Ontario https://ago.ca/ offers you an incredible art experience with every your visit. With a collection of 90,000 works of art, this is one of the most well-known art museums in North America.

The National Gallery of Canada https://www.gallery.ca/ is one of Canada’s first art galleries. The Gallery is waiting for your visit in glass and granite building on Sussex Drive in Ottawa, overlooking the Canadian Parliament buildings. It’s Canadian collection (the most complete in Canada), holds works by Louis-Philippe Hébert, Tom Thomson, Emily Carr, Alex Colville and Jack Bush.

The Montreal Eaton Center https://www.centreeatondemontreal.com/en/ is located on Saint Catherine Street in Montreal, but its main entrance is on the north side of Saint Catherine Street. The Grévin Museum http://www.grevin-montreal.com/en is a wax museum in Montreal located in the center of Eaton. With its original décor and ambiance, its interactive and sensory experiences and over 120 wax figures, including local and international celebrities, it contains characters in scenes of Canada’s history and modern life such as Elizabeth II and Mahatma Gandhi, Justin Bieber, Leonardo Di Caprio or Naomi Campbell.

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