A COMPLICATED KINDNESS – Romance, by Miriam Toews

She has degree in Literature and Cinema and a degree in Journalism. Miriam Toews was born in Steinbach (Manitoba, Canada) in 1964. She left Steinbach at eighteen, living in Montreal and London before settling in Winnipeg. She has a bachelor degree in Film Studies from the University of Manitoba, and a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of King’s College, Halifax. She has won a number of literary prizes, has written for prestigious magazines and in 1999 she won a National Magazine Award Gold Medal for Humour. She is known for her ability to combine humor and feelings, despite the pain of losing loved ones. Life and travel require faith and curiosity, along with the desire to be free. Many of her characters are looking for freedom from an external control, which becomes the vehicle for wider horizons.

A complicated kindness (over a year on the Canadian bestseller lists) is third novel of Miriam Toews and was highly acclaimed at national and international level. At the center of her work there is always a family, where people live under the threat of someone or something. The novel is set in a small town, similar to the one, where the writer was born. The narrator is Nomi, 16-year-old girl, who lives with her sorrowful father and who dreams of hanging out with Lou Reed (American musician, singer and songwriter) in her hometown. Unlike her father, she is rebellious and this brings her to the clash with the city authorities including the church pastor. Nomi’s voice tells us the story of a family. The novel is work of fierce humor and tragedy, a book where you will find a moving testament to family love.

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