WOLF GIRL – Arlette Alcock

ARLETTE ALCOCK http://www.arlettemusic.com/ is a social songwriter and social activist, well-known for her folk songs related to the challenges facing Canadian aborigines. She was born in Trail, British Columbia in 1958. In addition to her musical career, she also worked as a librarian for the Saskatchewan Indian Federation of Nations. She is an active advocate for social justice issues in Canada, inherited dead and murdered indigenous women, protection of reproductive rights of women and dependents. She started writing poetry and playing guitar when she was a teenager. What she writes focuses mainly on indigenous heritage and racism. http://www.arlettemusic.com/

WOLF GIRLI woke up at 2 a.m. The moon is brightly shining, my heart’s throbbing and I’m burning hot. Did I just transform? Strawberry cakes and teddy bears are so childlike, but even so I love. Hate it! This werewolf girl will bring lots of trouble to you. I won’t be tamed, you see, actually. Even if this werewolf girl brings lots of trouble to you, don’t be telling lies to me, that’s just so unwise. I can’t sleep at all the stars are brightly shining, my heart is throbbing and I’m feeling dizzy. Am I looking strange? Through the stars I saw my chances with you. Somehow or other.

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