Decision to visit Russia strenghtens the beauty of paintings by Mikhail Vrubel and listening to a musical selection by Vladimir Vysotsky or reading a novel by Anton Čechov and poetic selection of Marina Tsvetaeva, because valorizing the language (and the culture) means to enhance human creativity in all its expressive shades, as the completion of the creative horizon, which defines the culture of the country.

Our trip starts in St. Petersburg, a city of majestic architecture, a place of artistic culture, but also a treasure chest of memories of great historical significance. Exploring the Hermitage Art collections and the Russian Museum you will be able to admire many art masterpieces of MIKHAIL VRUBEL. Shopping in St. Petersburg? Two large shopping centers (Passazh and DTL) offer everything, but nothing stimulating. To buy paintings and watercolors, you can go to the Museum of Decorative Art, where school students sell the fruits of their creativity. The basement of the Passazh department store (Nevsky Prospect) is a joy to gourmets, because you can taste (or buy) the Russian salads of their production. Matriyoshke, checkers and dolls are waiting for you at the Souvenir Market.

In St. Petersburg, you can go to the Chekhov Restaurant (Petropavlovskaya No. 4,), where you can wrap yourself in a rustic 19th-century atmosphere, knowing the gastronomic value of old Russian 21st century recipes. Order the Kiev chicken, or the white fish in the oven, while the sweet pudding perfume floats in the air. A white piano. An ancient gramophone and oak furniture complement the warmth of this warm country house. In the Tretyakov Gallery you can admire one of the masterpieces of Mikhail Vrubel, “The demon sitting in the garden”, created in 1890.

MARINA TSVETAEVA was born in Moscow. She began writing poetry already in her early childhood, debuting as a poet at the age of 18. A collection of her poems – composed between 1917 and 1921 – was published in 1957.

ANTON CECHOV went to study to Moscow, where he published some stories in three years. In 1885 he was invited to Petersburg, where he was accepted with honors reserved to famous writers.

VLADIMIR VYSOCKIJ, an actor, guitarist and Soviet poet, was born in Moscow in 1938. In 1970, his famous song “The Wolf Hunt” was released

Open 24 hours a day, Respublika (1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 10 Mayakovskaya metro), is a special place in Moscow, a new modern-looking library. Along with books, you can find CDs and DVDs here, and also have good coffee. English selection is well diversified. There are available French, Spanish, German and Italian books, along with a series of souvenirs.

MICHAIL VRUBEL, author of masterpieces of pictorial art, is also one of the most tragic figures among Russian painters. Https:// The man who became the promoter of the new modern style in Russia was born in Omsk Omsk, the southwestern town of Siberia, is an important station along the Transiberian arterial road and was a place of exile, where criminals and rebels were condemned to live for many years. Founded in 1698 by Pietro the Great, Taganrog is a town of southern European Russia, in the Rostov region. This is the hometown of a Russian writer, playwright and doctor – ANTON CECHOV. Taganrog is famous for snorkelling. With free private parking, the Boat House offers you the comfort of the air conditioning and has a terrace overlooking the sea. Guests can enjoy a variety of activities in the surrounding area, including fishing and hiking.

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