THE ENCHANTED DOMAIN – Knokke-Heist, Renè Magritte and the Grand Casino’s wall

Many years ago Knokke used to boast a small airport. The planes are long gone and welcome to Zwin – international bird airport. Zwin’s nature reserve, a 158 hectare coastal natural reserve, is a protected sanctuary for birds. The new visitor centre provides an excellent introduction to the ever changing avian population of the marshes. Younger visitors will love its electronic wizardry, but its AV presentation can be enjoyed by all ages. The nature reserve features hides equipped with powerful binoculars, a mini laboratory devoted to the study of inhabitants of the watercourses and a tall tower, that enables visitors to view the storks’ nests from their own level. Here, there is in Knokke-Heist beautiful North Sea holiday resort in the Flemish province of West Flanders. Since 1952 conserves within its Grand Casino a fruit of human creativity: a frescoed wall of 70 meters in length (and 4 in height). Guests over 21 years are welcome to the Grand Casino Knokke (with a valid identity card), but the casino is not accessible to notaries and judicial officers, magistrates and policemen. The Casino is a great place to spend an evening with your friends, enjoying delicious appetizers, drinks, or the Mascot Restaurant. Do not forget the unique chance to visit the Candlebar Hall inside the Casino where Le Domaine Enchanté is kept.

The former local school with its town hall dating back to 1876 was recently restored. The structure has developed as a place for an extraordinary museum. The For Freedom Museum makes you know about World War II in a more engaging way than many other museums. Spectacular dioramas immerse you in local history, from 10 May 1940 to November 3, 1944. The museum houses original collections of vehicles and uniforms.

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