THE CHERRY ORCHARD – Romance, by Anton Čechov

Founded in 1698 by Pietro the Great, Taganrog is a town in southern European Russia, in the Rostov region. This is the hometown of a Russian writer, playwright and doctor Anton Čechov. In 1873 he discovered the theater, interested in the taste of a fiction, which was also a reality for him. In August 1879 he went to Moscow, where he published stories and a novel in three years. Unknown, he wished to be rather a journalist, not a writer. In 1885 he was invited to Petersburg, where he was accepted with honors reserved to famous writers.

The cherry orchard was his last theatrical play and was represented on January 17, 1904 at the Moscow Art Theater, just six months before his death. The story tells the story of a Russian aristocratic family returning to their property (which also includes a large well-known cherry orchard), later auctioned to pay off the mortgage. The image of man’s precariousness and sadness, the fruit of the sad pen of a genius, who believed to dress his work comicly. After the first performance at the Moscow Art Theater, the work has been translated into many languages and became classic of dramatic literature.

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