SPECIAL HOUSES WITH POEMS IN LEIDEN – all carefully painted by hand

Yes, there are over 100 poems hand-painted on public walls throughout the city of Leiden.
Walking this town, you can read Shakespeare and Basho, Pablo Neruda, Sapho, Derek Walcott, and William Butler Yeats. All these poems written in their original language are part of the ‘Poems and Walls’ project. There is a special relationship between the city of Leiden and this project, because Leiden has been home of remarkable number of writers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38yKsVGRY4U

To pursue this issue, you can visit the gallery of pictures: http://meetingbenches.com/2017/03/pictures-wall-poems-leiden/

Poems and Wall’s Project” –  you can see the numbers on this webpage : http://www.muurgedichten.nl/indexopontstaan.html was complete in 2005

The first 43 poems, have been collected in an special book https://www.amazon.com/Dicht-muur-Gedichten-Leiden-Houttuyn/dp/9075089082

Based on the success this poetry project, wall poems have been painted in several other Dutch cities. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyR6Trwi4tc

Leiden lies in an flower growing area, the produce of which is marketed in the town and surrounding region, but it’s also one of the leading cultural centers in the Netherlands. Leiden’s castle (Burcht van Leiden) is a must-visit. If you wish to visit the Museum Boerhaave, you can look at the history of medicine through the centuries. The Leiden’s Windmill Museum Molen de Valk is housed in a spectacular seven-story stone flour mill built in 1743. Leiden’s National Museum of Ethnology the Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde is located near the Molen de Valk windmill.

The intellectual property of the images that appear in this blog correspond to their authors. The sole purpose of this site, is to spread the knowledge of these painters and that other people enjoy their works.


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