September 26, 2023 12:35 am
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The Sorolla Museum, aims to promote enjoyment of Joaquín Sorolla’s legacy, in the conviction, that this legacy can provide a positive and enriching emotional and aesthetic experience, as an instrument of knowledge where to develop their own creative abilities. The Sorolla Museum occupies artist’s family house from 1911 (the house has been preserved almost intact with the decoration, it had during the artist’s lifetime). The collection of paintings stands insidea house alongside the furniture and objects originally as in the past. This is one of the best preserved artist’s homes in whole Europe.

The positioning of the paintings normally on display, may vary from hall to hall, because the Sorolla Museum organises its own temporary exhibitions. It also lends pieces for exhibitions organised by other institutions. Access to the Museum is via the Garden, which surrounds the house on both sides. At the bottom of the garden you can discover the Andalusian Courtyard The principal rooms continue to be furnished as they were during the artist’s life (including Sorolla’s large, well-lit studio, where the walls are filled with his canvasses). Other rooms are used as galleries to display Sorolla’s paintings, while the upstairs rooms are a gallery for special exhibitions.

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