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IN PERSUIT OF THE GIRLS OF DALARNA – Stockholm’s National Museum of Art

anders_zorn_1-1For the painting “Girls from Dalarna Having a Bath” (a masterpiece of art by the Swedish artist Anders Zorn, that you can normally admire at the Stockholm National Museum), you will have to ask questions at the ticket office. Due to renovation, Nationalmuseum regular museum building is closed, but you can visit its temporary exhibition spaces in central Stockholm and the renovation project will create a modern museum environment that is better for both the art exhibitions and for visitors. At this temporary arena, they present contemporary and varied exhibitions. They also offer design-related events. The temporary exhibition venue in central Stockholm is located at Nationalmuseum Design in Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.emboied_2-1

Some of the exhibitions shown at this location are partly or completely based on objects from the museum collections. A small selection of works, will go on tour during the restoration period, and are to be shown at museums and galleries around Sweden and worldwide. On show at Nationalmuseum Design at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern (until January 15, 2017), you can admire “Embodied. Ongoing craft at the fringe“. This autumn’s exhibition at Nationalmuseum Design, straddles the border between art and craft, challenging conventional ideas of what constitutes fine craft. The 12 participating artists have a common interest: in the human body and the corporeal.logo-meeting-benches

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