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VENEZUELA TEPUI TREK – Trek in the magical world of Tepui

VENEZUELATEPUI1.1The 9 days trek to Auyán? This tour starting in Ciudad Bolívar, will bring you to the indian village Kavac (in the Canaima National Park), from where your trek through the Gran Sabana to the top of the Auyán-tepui starts. The daily trips, compared to Roraima, are 2 to 3 hours longer but you will be rewarded with one of the most impressive countrysides. Everything is a little bit bigger and greater compared to Roraima. Reaching the starting point is only possible by plane making the tour more expensive. The ascent is more difficult, demanding greater stamina and sureness of step. http://www.hike-venezuela.com/en/tour-auyan-9d.htmlVENEZUELATEPUI2.1

Caracas and then – with fast coincidence – Ciudad Bolivar (starting point of direct flights in the Gran Sabana). Small twin-engine will allow you to land on the runway of Uruyen (at the foot of the great mountain). You’ll need 17 days of adventure (in addition to those required to arrive in Venezuela), but in a year between October and March. You’ll have to be content to sleep in tents or in small hotels, using public transport and eating at restaurants with no star. If you want to surf on the rivers, or make ascents to the Auyan Tepuy, you will need to know the technical descent in abseiling. The world of Tepui, is the goal of this exciting trek in Venezuela. Flat sandstone mountains emerge (like islands in the sea), from the plains. Steep cliffs, have retained a primordial world. You are wrapped in a special universe, made of rocks and crystals, water, animals and plants unique to the world. http://www.viaggiavventurenelmondo.it/nuovosito/viaggi/schedeviaggi/8050.phplogo Meeting Benches

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