February 28, 2024 12:54 am

READY FOR THE BIG ADVENTURE – Choose your kicks on Route 66

logo Meeting BenchesEveryone loves to travel, but not everyone loves to travel the same way. All you have to do is have the time in your life. Meeting Benches. The way to make the world a better place is easy. Choose a bench, where you can publish what you have painted or written, a review of a book that you’ve read, or the story of a journey that you have made. Past and Present are here and now. Our proposal call any web-traveler to sit into Meeting Benches info@meetingbenches.com to share emotions, observing new creative horizons.route66.3.1

Since 1926, driving down “Route 66” has been the experience of a lifetime for travelers (but also for adventurers, desperados and dreamers). Being the oldest “Route 66” resource on the web, the Historic 66 web site is dedicated to provide information for all those who want to learn more about the legendary Mother Road. As “Route 66” doesn’t appear on modern maps anymore, one needs a good description before heading out on the old 2-lane highway. Yes, “Route 66” has existed in many different alignments, and therefore there is no single way of making this trip. Within each map the route has been sub-divided into sections to allow you to focus on one chunk at a time http://www.drivingroute66.com/route-66-maps/ and these “Route 66” maps have been created using Google Maps.ROUTE66.2.1

Check the altitude of your road trip route? The elevation profile is a two-dimensional cross sectional view of the landscape that your path crosses. It shows you the altitude of your route. It is fun to know the elevation profile of your journey along “Route 66”, because you can know how high you are riding with this fun-packed map and chart: set your own destinations and routes and verify your elevation profile. See the maximum and minimum altitudes along the way. http://www.theroute-66.com/altitude.html Discover the Shared Heritage Travel Itinerary “Route 66”? Click on a section of the map for a more detailed map and links to “Route 66” sites https://www.nps.gov/nr/travel/route66/maps66.html Are you ready for the big adventure and want to start building your own memories? As old Route 66 is not indicated on current roadmaps, you will need a detailed map and guide before hitting the road and getting your kicks on Route 66! http://www.historic66.com/california/ROUTE661


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