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FLY TO ME – Alda Merini Poetry

voladame1.1Alda Merini is an Italian poet, born in Milan in 1931. She is the youngest of three brothers, born in a family of modest economic conditions, which will have consequences, when she asks to be admitted at the high school, which does not exceed the test of Italian. She has the good fortune to meet a man named Giacinto Spagnoletti – the age of fifteen – allows her to debut as an author. In 1947 came the first shadows of her mind, and she was admitted briefly to a mental hospital. In 1950 her poems appear. Alda Merini knows the poets Eugenio Montale and Salvatore Quasimodo. She married twice, becoming the mother of four daughters, alternating poetic creativity and new psychiatric hospitalizations. In her memory, her daughters gave birth to website

FLY TO MEvoladame2.1

Love, fly to me with the airplane of my fancy paper, with the ingenuity of your feeling. You’ll see flourishing land full of magic, and I will be the most high tree canopy, to give freshness and shelter. Make the two arms two angel wings, and even brings me a little peace, and the dream toy. But before you say something to me, look at the genius flower of my heart.

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