ON THE RIGHT BANK OF THE RIVER DEE – Chester: half-timbered houses, churches and Roman memories

ontheright1.1Valeria Victrix“, it was the name of the Roman legion XX, the one that was headquartered on the right bank of the River Dee (south of Liverpool). But if you want to observe the Roman foundations of the ancient fortified place, this is not possible, because the walls that still surround Chester were made on precisely those ancient foundations. Visiting that city county seat, half-timbered houses, churches and castles give a unique environment, truly original. An advice? Before visiting the city tries to do the full tour of its walls, starting from the east: two miles of reddish stone are with you, from the thirteenth century. http://www.visitchester.com/ontheright.2.1

Welcome to the King Charles Tower, where you no longer feel the sounds of a distant civil war, inside the museum that has crystallized those memories of the seventeenth century. A former prison? You can go to the North Gate, the two towers and the memory of the cruelty of distant prisons. A little medieval history? Even a tower (Water Tower, at the northwest corner, outside the walls), with a small museum. s Only in the month of May you can add a special moment to travel memories. In fact, going outside the walls you arrive in a field of racing, where he plays the “Roodee” (for the dispute of the Chester Races, from 1540). http://www.visitchester.com/shop-chester/play/chesterraceontheright3.1

Behind the Roman amphitheater you can find the church of St. John (nice is its Romanesque interior), but do not be distracted from its cylindrical pillars, because a skeleton awaits you in the right chapel. Ornament of a grave, the macabre seventeenth-century sculpture commemorates the place of burial of Lady Warburton. You want to step into a time that no longer exists? Grosvenor Museum, dedicated to the life of the Roman soldiers in Chester, along with coins of different eras. http://grosvenormuseum.westcheshiremuseums.co.uk/ontheright4.1

Are you ready for an amazing show? Good. Welcome to the streets of the “Rows”, in the city center, where half-timbered houses and arcades, along with boutiques, covering what remains of Roman times. The most beautiful homes for your special photo or your own quick watercolor? After St. Peter Church turn left onto Bridge Street, where you can be amazed in front of houses of the number 12 (with the thirteenth century crypt), and the number 39 (with what remains of the Roman baths). Well, now a little rest http://www.visitchester.com/things-to-do/inspire-me/romantic-weekend a.MB logo

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