THE ISLAND OF TWO SPECIAL GUARDIAN: Montecristo (Italy), where the sense of unreality and silence are waiting

montecristo.1.1The two paths present on the island lead to the remains of the monastery dedicated to St. Mamiliano (about 1 hour walk), but you also then continue to the Holy Cave (another 40 minutes), stop and meditate a little. Difficult to explain the atmosphere that breathe in those moments, even more complicated it is make you understand the depth of feeling that you “feel” in these two places. An attempt, for you to understand in just two words: sense of unreality and silence, long, long silence. The island is uninhabited, but courtesy of the keepers is at your disposal.

Since 1988, the island of Monte Cristo is an area of wildlife protection, with an access limit of 1,000 visitors a year. When you’re on the island, you will find that its climate is mild in winter (although quite rainy), but its summer is pleasantly warm and dry. When you are above your boat, and you shall keep the island, you will see a large granite rock, crossed by a small mountain range with three peaks: Mount Fortress, Cima del Colle Fund, and the Coma of Lecci.




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