6 EMOTIONS IN DUBLIN: A tomb and a boarding school, a museum, a city district and the National Museum, without losing the General Post Office

Of course, in Dublin you can go wherever you want, but I would recommend to you – even if only part of your itinerary – something you will not find in a guidebook. If you go in the St. Patrick Cathedral, you will experience a thrill of tenderness, looking at the grave of Jonathan Swift, one that is next to his great love. http://www.touristofficedublin.com/dublino.1.1

I would suggest to you a visit to Trinity College, to admire – in the library – a wonderful bible (the illuminated book world’s most valuable), the Book of Keels. Going in the National Gallery, you will have the impression of being in Italy, because Tintoretto and Titian (along with other famous European painters), are waiting, you, too. If you’re not tired, even a museum, the National Museum, a dip in the history of Ireland, from prehistory to its independence, without missing a visit to Kilmainham Jail (the prison reserved for patriots). http://www.brazenhead.com/dublino.2.1

Why go to the General Post Office? Certainly not to buy stamps, but to relive an unforgettable moment in history – for every Irish – when there was the Easter Rising of 1916, leading to independence. Finally, no museum, but a special district of Dublin, Liberties, the most characteristic corner of the city, waiting for a pub. http://www.ashlinghotel.ie/


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