ISLAND COZUMEL, MEXICO: A dream, for a journey through lagoons and beaches

Ciega and Chan Kanab? These are the names of two lagoons, those that you can admire in Playa San Francisco, with the ability to maintain – however – your eyes open, because these beaches, they are not a dream, but a beautiful reality. Isla Cozumel, does not want to compete with the more famous Cancun, because it is content with a low and elegant approach to the eyes of those who know her for the first time, offering good tourist facilities, next to the charm of the tropical forest. Have you ever seen the water of this sea? cozumel1.1

Try to imagine transparency. Well, the waters are so: calm and transparent. This is not a secondary issue, because it offers the advantage of observing the underwater world, even without diving. To give you this piece of the sea, between lagoons and beaches, you can get to Merida, and it is from this city that – just 20 km – you can find out if your concept of transparency is adequate to describe the dream that will be in front of your eyes . Viva Mexico, dreaming with us.



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