CAIQUE OF THE AMAZING: Holiday on a chartered boat, in the Aegean Sea

Renting a caique to navigate the Mediterranean Sea? One intriguing idea, but you will need to consider two important things: it is an experience that you will have to share with strangers (in a confined space); is an experience that you can start with a tour operator, or by choosing a gulet offered for rent privately. I’ll I can talk about my experience, an old and indelible memory of trip to Turkey (shared with a young girl South African). For navigation that I have experienced, I rented “Alesta 1”, a gulet of 19 meters, without intermediaries.

After arriving in Antalya, on the boat I had made the acquaintance with the three-man crew (skipper, cabin boy and cook), placing myself in one of the 6 cabins (all with bathroom), waiting to know the 11 other fellow adventurers. All continents. Yes, believe me, when we proceeded to sea, all continents were represented on the boat: American and Australian, Japanese and Koreans, a South African, English and German. If you want to consider this experience, you will need to remember the seasonal nature for boarding of May and October, or from June to September (with different price). The rental fees, you will need to add the cost of eating and drinking. Happy surfing!


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