A WONDERFUL DAY IN THE CITY OF ACROPOLIS Athens and the Acropolis, along with a memorable dinner

This evening, in Athens, do not stay in the Plaka, come along with me in Ermou Street, where we can wrap the charm of the Byzantine church of Kapnikarea. Then, we will have the opportunity to continue to the old souk of Monastiraki, because it is Sunday morning that you can make advantageous purchases at its intriguing “flea market”. If you want, you can go with me in Athina street until you get to Omonia. What is it? It will be a surprise for you, between shops and cafes, so many people and so many colors. When we rested a little, we can finally climb to the Acropolis, the goal of all travelers arriving in my city. http://www.athensinfoguide.com/gentoursimoffices.htmDIGITAL CAMERA

Look around, eyes and the imagination, and in this way you will find that – strangely – very us what we are born here, long ago. Returning to the city, via Karageorgis can perhaps buy a silver jewelry, or – near Monasteraki, in Athina – a beautiful pair of leather sandals. http://www.delcampe.net/page/item/id,141803459,var,ATHENS-GREECE–RESTAURANT-GEROFINIKAS–SALLE-A-DINER-,language,E.html atene2.1

For dinner tonight, before saying goodbye, I want to have you in my guest Gerofinikas – 10 Pinderou Street – what for me is the university of Greek cuisine, with many types of appetizers. I hope you can spend a lovely night in the small hotel Nefeli, but before bed facing the window, the last look at the Acropolis. http://www.hotel-nefeli.com/


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