THE TIMELESS BOOKS: Nana, by Emile Zola

be1.1A resounding success that comes from far away. The tale of an era and its players. Emile Zola had this published his novel in 1880, but that book – then judged extremely outrageous – still remains extremely readable, almost current, in its social and existential. “…… A set individually mixed, made of all kinds of smart people, devastated by all the vices, with the same fatigue and fever manifest itself in every aspect.”be2.1

The peoples then had hurled this book too outrageous, evidently reflecting itself in the protagonists of the novel, fantastic creatures and concrete, Parisians by strong appetite for meat, the same that would have negatively judged (a generation later), the absurd benches of the lovers of Peynet. “…………. She could not see things that cost dear, no desire them. It was around itself a continuous massacre of flowers and precious trinkets, happiest when her whim of a time it cost more. ” If a dish is made of words, in the pages of the novel is possible – then as now – to find one: we are immersed (willingly or not), in social dance that everyone can do. Disrupt and evoke.


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