February 26, 2024 2:46 pm

WELCOME TO REYKJAVIK: Together with Olaf, to discover the unimaginable

2.1Hello, thanks to the space that gives me Meeting Benches, I can briefly accompany in my city. You will notice something unusual, a feeling also visible in this season: the city (in its way), is able to warm up. What you see is the old city (between Tjorn, Laekjargata, the port and the suburb of Seltjarnarnes). If you want, you can buy a comfortable magliadi wool, in one of his many tenozi. However, if you look up to the sky – as we walk – you can distinguish at least 40 species of birds. Hringhraut is our national museum, where you can see our oldest historical relic, a wooden door to a church, carved back in 1200.  http://www.visiticeland.com/1.1

Tomorrow (Saturday), I’ll take you on the east side of the city, Laekjargata, to see the flea market Kolaportio (if you have something to sell, you can too). Then, we will go to the Nordic House, a cultural center designed by Alvar Aalto, for invited to enjoy a good coffee and turn to delightful place with its exhibition halls. For our dinner, I’ll take you to the restaurant Potturin og Pannan – http://www.potturinn.is/index.html – with fish, lamb or beef, to your liking. Going back to your hotel, on Saturday evening, I prefer not accompany taxi, this way you will see us Icelanders nellaversione weekend: we are all happily happy (that night), because raising the elbow drink what you do not veviamo on other days of a week .3.1


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