20130430_214024Similar to a panic attack occurs when a traveler comes into contact with works of art and places of great beauty. Is in this dimension of alienation that psychologists and psychiatrists are to investigate the chaotic emotional states induced in the visitor.davidMichelangelo.1

The revelation of the works of art induces a state of extreme agitation, but it is only after a certain period of time – variable from person to person – that that inexplicable perception becomes a real loss of control. In all cases observed, the subjects reported that observe the sights and artwork amplify their sphere of perception, almost freeing them from the body, to let them float in awe and anguish, a psychiatric disorder Bipolar similar to that observable in were pre-clinical delusional or pseudo-epileptic drugs.

lorenzodemedici.1Obviously, not all people who come to make eye contact with places and admirable works of art suffer from these symptoms thunderstorms. Accurate fact, research has shown that the Stendhal Syndrome relates particularly sensitive to music mostly sad or modern, to daydream, or to write, listen and observe dissociating from the present.

The researchers concluded that bipolar disorder affects psychic subjects in temporary transit in the realities of their alien cultures, where for a few days, the sense of emptiness and confusion surrounds the status of unpleasant individuals naturally more prone than others.STENDHAL


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