PHOTOGRAPHING DURING THE PANDEMIES – The defining photos of a pandemic: stories behind them

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From one day to the next, and this has always been the case, people have lost not only their means of subsistence, but also the certainties of their daily routines. The widespread impact of any pandemic has always hit hard, taking people’s daily lives by surprise around the world. Even the photographers have reacted, adapting their creative streak to the circumstances created by isolation, fear and the unthinkable obligations of the law.

Any photographer can become the witness of a catastrophe. Documenting the social dimensions of photography, a photographer from the Magnum Agency, during the Covid-19 pandemic, documented a large cinema in Warsaw, closed due to the pandemic. A photographer can be like a kind of windmill, with the advantage of using his creative intuition in capturing domestic nonsense that would have gone unnoticed in times of normalcy, but also the changes a pandemic can generate.

During a pandemic, telling us how he rebuilt his new relationships online a photographer-sociologist has documented music clubs that have been closed down. About taking photos in an infectious-disease hospital or around the silence of the pandemic, there are also a very World Press Photo winner. A 92-year-old man had extremely low oxygen levels. Emergency medical technicians wanted to intubate him right there at his home. The man was showing all the symptoms of the Covid-19 disease. A photographer had stay; documenting medical technicians was decked out in protective equipment. The man died in the ICU a couple of weeks later.

During Covid-19 pandemic, there had a photographer that captured frames children wear plastic bottles as makeshift masks while waiting to check in to a flight at an airport. In a residential building in São Paulo, Brazil, many of the residents have take part in a protest against handling of the pandemic, expressing their displeasure from their windows, with pots and pans.

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