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ON THE ROAD, TOWARDS THE PHILIPPINES – Dream, live and remember

Life is a journey and those who travel to Philippines live three times

On the Road is a novel from 1951, based on a series of car trips across the United States, including by hitchhiking. If you plan to leave for the Philippines, add that book by Jack Kerouac in the suitcases packed next to your bed. Why read On the Road? Simple, because it does not matter which route you decide to take. The road is your life.

The average temperature in the Philippines is 86degreesF (30degreesC). Being an archipelago, its offers countless adventures to experience and activities to do. Some parts of the country such are warm and comfortable in all seasons and can be visit throughout the year. As different bodies of water separate its 7,107 islands, you can take trips that last for a day or two with regular ship lines, or take shorter ones with ferries. The memory of a trip is also its flavors and smells, and those of your Filipino breakfast include egg-based silogs and fried rice, accompanied by your choice of meat or fish. The tapsilog is with a beef carpaccio, while the tocilog is with pork and the bangsilog is its variant with fish.

From museums, to cultural festivities and live music, you will discover many ways to know the Filipino culture They face any worry with a laugh and a wink. Their fatalism expresses the idea that all things shall pass, but Filipinos have a zest for life that may be unrivalled, also enriched by dances, songs and beautiful dresses. There are many dances performed in the Philippine Islands such as the exotic Pangalay and Jota. Tribal dances include the Binaylan dance, which tells the story of a hen, hen’s baby and a hawk.

If you are looking for popular trips & holidays, try to discover the selection of tours in the Philippines to find the best, such as an island-hopping adventure in Coron, perfect for travelers who love swimming and snorkeling. Not only, because starting Chocolate Hills Adventure Park and the Tarsier Conservation Area, can you admire the best tourist spots in Bohol. Its cottages, furnished with a patio equipped with a hammock, fan and mosquito nets. Fox & the Firefly Cottages, a guesthouse offering Wi-Fi throughout and parking, is located in wooded areas beside the Loboc River. Top Tourist Attractions in the Philippines include the Tubbataha Reef in the Sulu Sea a marine sanctuary protected open to live-aboard diving excursions. A belfry is left of a baroque church destroyed by the 1814 eruption. Significant for its perfectly symmetrical cone shape, Mayon volcano it is a picturesque spot to admire it, from the nearby Cagsawa ruins. As Mark Twain had have says art of the secret of a success in your life (and we add close to a volcano), is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside. The restaurant Casa Lorenzo offers regional and heirloom cuisine, just close to the Mayon volcano.

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