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Built in 1700 and rebuilt in 1876, it claims to have been the first pub to sell Porter. Welcome to 39 Great Eastern (Shoreditch, London), where an inconspicuous pub the Old Street Tube, gives you the opportunity to observe an incredibly trendy clientele while enjoying lunchtime snacks not forgetting that the pub serves Adnams Southwold Bitter and Timothy Taylor Landlord. Today, it is an important live music venue, where you can sing something of Florence and the Machine. Her band met success beginning in 2006, becoming famous in 2009 with debut album, Lungs. Florence Welch knowed music at an early age. Raised in England in a family of writers and academics, the lead singer of the English indie rock band Florence and the Machine, she can be listen on many popular songs, such as Dog Days Are Over. Sometimes she wish for falling, wish for the release for falling through the air, giving herself some relief.

If you too think that bookstores are magical places, in which to savor the knowledge of the centuries, your stay in London needs some more photographic shots, because Daunt Books is the most photographed bookshop in the city. The charming three-story building has windows that illuminate the rooms with natural light. You will find that you are in the right place to find historically set stories, such as those by Gillian Tindall. Her mother was a novelist in the 1930s and 1940s, while her father received a knighthood for contributions to education in India. Her books include Footprints in Paris, The Tunnel Through Time, A New Route For An Old London Journey. Born in 1938, Gillian Tindall is a British writer. Her novel Fly Away Home won the Somerset Maugham Award in 1972.

London has streets dedicated to shopping, but also specialized areas for luxury goods, such as Mayfair. For original discoveries, you will have to go to Notting Hill, while at Harrods you can do some relatively inexpensive shopping. For a characteristic shopping area, do not miss Seven Dials, full of shops and restaurants, the right place to buy original things. Using your internet connection, you can purchase something from That Gorilla Brand. They marries fresh and minimalist designs with quality execution. Their fascinating gorilla represents the guiding values at the heart a fashion dream: strength, love and loyalty. They was looking for something beautiful and uncompromising. That Gorilla Brand started journey in 2018, to create something bigger than a fashion brand. Now, they values quality and design over profit, never forgetting the importance of giving back.

If you want to add something useful and memorable to your journey into London creativity, you may want to consider purchasing a book that covers topics related to fashion. A well-stocked library certainly has vast areas reserved for this subject. Choose yours and ask for The little pink book. Ny-Lon-Paris shopping, or The Parisian. Chic guide Fashion & Beauty is a theme that interests photographer John Sansom. Renowned for versatility, detail and flexible approach, he is adept at managing high profile projects, to deliver outstanding images. Whether shooting fashion editorial or designer look books, his elegant style has become the signature of his work. Based in London, John Sansom is a British fashion and beauty photographer.

If you are looking for London‘s Naive Art Museums, you need to know about the British Folk Art Collection In 1993, the Peter Moores Foundation acquired the Collection, now housed in Compton Verney (Warwickshire). Upon entering the Tate London Museum, you will find that naive art refers to artists who have not had formal artistic training, such as the painter Simon Quadrat. Each his ambiguous painting seeks to tell a story, one left to the viewer to determine. His work is in a number of private collections. He established career and reputation as a painter of strong technical ability and memorable images. His first artwork to be offer in 2020 at auctiont Rosebery´s Fine Art Auctioneers was The Open Window. Simon Quadrat works was feature in several exhibitions at key galleries and museums, including the Panter & Hall Gallery.

If during your trip to London you want to add a good comic book to your shopping cart, there are several shops in the city where you can buy comic books and albums, such as Forbidden Planet, the largest and most famous comic book, science fiction, fantasy and cult retailer. If you look at some old issues of the satirical magazine Punch, you will certainly find the humorous cartoons drawn by Antonia Yeoman. The oldest auction result ever registered on the website for an artwork by this artist is a drawing-watercolor sold in 2007. Her first popular cartoons were as part of the partnership with her brother, in the late 1930s. In addition to illustrating 17 books, Antonia Yeoman also produced two collections of her own works. She worked for The Tatler, The New Yorker and Punch, being the only woman in Punch’s Toby Club.

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