YOU CAN GIVE MORE – Umberto Tozzi: Fall in love in flight, while they eat honey, without leaving any more

40 years that I love you

A phrase from his song Aria & cielo in 1997 reminds us that freedom can turn us on, taking us higher and higher. In 2013, his song Gloria was chose as the soundtrack for the film The Wolf of Wall Street. In 2020, her single I love you was induct into a netflix television series. On the 40th anniversary of that song, in 2017 Umberto Tozzi made an international tour, with the release of a collection of the same name.

One of his songs from 2005, Le parole, reminds us that sometimes words remain just words, but that at other times they can hurt. Born in Turin in 1952, with 80 million copies sold he is among the Italian artists who have sold the largest number of records. Son of a police officer and a homemaker (both immigrated to Turin) Umberto Tozzi began to play the guitar around the age of 14, but the first musical experiences began in 1967, as a guitarist.

In 1968, he joined a Turin rock band, attending record studios that allowed him to meet numerous singers. In 1975 he became the guitarist of the band La Strana Società, also participating, as a chorister, in the recording of the song Al Mondo, sung by Mia Martini. The real success of Umberto Tozzi came in 1977, when he recorded a song that remained for a few months at the top of the best-selling singles in Italy, Ti amo. With a self-reflection of his in 1977, in one of his songs he wrote: if I do not sing what else can I do, in this world of flags, in this world that is thirsty and hungry for love. In France, Ti amo gets a hit with Dalida, while in Germany Howard Carpendale will cover it. Another song of his, Gloria, sold 29 million copies worldwide. After a long silence from the scenes, Fausto Tozzi began to write – together with Bigazzi and Raf – the song Si può dare di più, winning the first place at the Sanremo Festival 1987. In 2006, one of his double CDs includes 34 of his greatest hits.

YOU CAN GIVE MORE – On this Friday night, why do not you sleep because you are here. Why do not you leave for a weekend that takes you back inside yourself? What you miss, what you do not have, what do you pursue if you do not know. If your run ends here, maybe it would be for the best. But if you grab an idea that opens up a way for you, and keep it with you or follow its trail. Going back up you will see how many fall down, and for them you can do more. In this boat lost in the blue, we are just sailors. All submerged, not just you, in the storms of our troubles. Because war, famine, are not scenes seen on TV, and you cannot say let it be, because you would be a bit to blame too. We can give more because it is within us. You can be more daring without being a hero. I do not know how to do it, you do not know either, but you can certainly give more.

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