DEEP, ENIGMATIC AND WORRING – Journey to Turin, an austere facade, a city of bursting vitality

Turin, a city that blends rigor, linearity and style

Of course, it is only a matter of points of view, or if you prefer preferences, but to the Turin of the automobile and the Egyptian Museum, you can add the Turin of Liberty, long arcades and the unusual one. A historic district north of Turin, Barriera di Milano, allows you to admire the street art itinerary consisting of 13 works by Francesco Camillo Giorgino, better known as Millo

If you too belong to the chosen group of those attracted to the wonderful, read on. Something wonderful, born in 1907 from the creativity of the architect Pietro Fenoglio, awaits you at number 4 in via Giovanni Argentero. Il Portone del Melograno, is the quintessence of style Liberty, a marvel of elegance. Inside, two pomegranate trees – rich in green leaves and red fruits – are set in a floral peacock-tailed frame.

Close to Piazza della Repubblica, the Umberto I Gallery offers you to walk in the Porta Palazzo market, in 1575 the seat of the largest hospital of the time. Today, as then, the open-air stalls that surround the famous farmers’ shed display fresh products arriving from the countryside.

Located in the Mirafiori Sud district, the splendid structure was built as a family tomb by the children of Rosa Vercellana, the mistress and morganatic wife of the King of Italy Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoy. Neoclassical building with the same structure as the Pantheon in Rome, the Mausoleum of Bela Rosin is a little known place, but worthy of your visit.

Turin is also an opportunity to experience one of life’s great pleasures, that of stopping to eat. Your gastronomic tour can start from the Farmacia del Cambio, a place of informal elegance with an enchanting atmosphere where you can consume and buy sweet and savory pastry creations. Its outdoor tables overlook Palazzo Carignano, the first Italian parliament.

Not the usual hotel in Turin, but an opportunity to sleep in an unusual place, for those looking for very original accommodations. Not far from the city, immersed in the relaxing atmosphere of the woods of the Turin hills, Yurte Soul Shelter are two Mongolian-inspired yurts, 20 minutes from the historic center of Turin. Their tents are made entirely of wood, sheep’s felt and natural fabrics, cleaned and sanitized with natural detergents.

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