WHEN FASHION PROFITS BE DONATED TO A CAUSE – That Gorilla Brand, fresh and minimalist designs with quality execution

Not only hoodies and joggers

London has streets dedicated to shopping, but also specialized areas for luxury goods, such as Mayfair. For original discoveries, you will have to go to Notting Hill, while at Harrods you can do some relatively inexpensive shopping. For a characteristic shopping area, do not miss Seven Dials https://www.visitlondon.com/it/cosa-fare/place/44576509-seven-dials, full of shops and restaurants, the right place to buy original things. Using your internet connection, you can purchase something from That Gorilla Brand.

They marries fresh and minimalist designs with quality execution. Their fascinating gorilla represents the guiding values at the heart a fashion dream: strength, love and loyalty. They was looking for something beautiful and uncompromising. That Gorilla Brand https://www.thatgorillabrand.com/ started journey in 2018, to create something bigger than a fashion brand. Now, they values quality and design over profit, never forgetting the importance of giving back.

What they made born in Portugal, with fabrications of organic cotton found throughout. They always putting quality above profit, showing loyalty to the gorilla, their inspiration. Driven by love what they do, That Gorilla Brand https://www.facebook.com/thatgorillabrand/ use their platform to support creativity with powerful designs for anyone, everywhere, always. Not only. Their Gorilla Organization charity, works to protect this great ape and its habitat.

Working to protect the ape and its habitat, their Organization focuses on the conservation of the world’s gorillas. That Gorilla Brand www.thatgorillabrand.com is the website that hosts their Online Store, which offers for sale products of men’s, women’s, teenage and children clothes, through the Internet. An amount per item sold, their Gorilla Organization, for a Gorilla’s helping project, donates it.

Their key pieces include relaxed hoodies, T-shirts and joggers as well as an accessories collection of caps and bags. That Gorilla Brand https://www.instagram.com/thatgorillabrand/?hl=it, streetwear label launched in the UK, offer quality fabrics, inclusive nature and purpose. Now also debuting online at Wolf & Badger for UK consumers, the brand is available in Tatoi in Athens, Flying Solo in New York and Fashion Space World in the Canary Islands.

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