When you choose luxury in a relaxed style

We would like to help you discover the current trends in women’s fashion https://www.vogue.com/article/11-spring-2024-fashion-trends-that-define-the-season; therefore, if you are about to buy something you might be interested in knowing some trends for 2024. You will have to be careful when choosing the color, because the red color of the shade between cherry and burgundy dominates the autumn and spring palettes. Skirts, belts, bags and shoes? With a touch of movement and glamour, fringes could help liven them up. If you are attracted to pleated skirts, cardigans, shirts and ties, pay attention to the preppy style that is inspired by the way American private school students dress. Do you love essential silhouettes, fine fabrics and refined details? Without showing off logos or monograms, let yourself be attracted by quiet luxury. How about experimenting with no-pants? Balancing them with socks, boots or sneakers, you could use short dresses, oversized sweaters or long shirts.

There is a style that prefers clean shapes, neutral colors and refined details, without flaunting its wealth, Quiet Luxury, a way of dressing that expresses an idea of discreet, essential and quality luxury. It is based on clothes made with fine materials and craftsmanship, without flashy logos or monograms. Bottega Veneta, Hermès, The Row and Brunello Cucinelli are some of the brands that conveniently interpret the idea of quiet luxury. If you want to follow this way of dressing, creating elegant and timeless outfits, choose carefully cut blazers, soft sweaters, tailored trousers, clean t-shirts and straight jeans, that is, basic and versatile garments. Be careful, however, to combine them harmoniously. Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston, to name two, have embraced this kind of quiet flamboyance. If you want to know more, I recommend you read these articles https://www.stylight.it/Magazine/Fashion/Quiet-Luxury/.

Clothes, bags, shoes and accessories? We offer you a way of dressing capable of being elegant and functional, sophisticated and simple, classic and contemporary at the same time. The Quiet Luxury of a company with a brand founded in 1966, is one of the most refined and innovative expressions of Italian fashion, which stands out for its craftsmanship, attention to detail and sophisticated minimalist style. The woven leather, symbol of this company, makes its products absolutely unmistakable. Their message of discreet elegance is even reflected in the way they communicate; it doesn’t use slogans; it’s based exclusively on a motto: When your initials are enough. If you want to know more about this path to discreet luxury, I recommend you visit their official website. Bottega Veneta https://www.bottegaveneta.com/it-it, constantly renewed thanks to its artistic directors, enhances the quality of the materials and the purity of the shapes.

Is there really a new concept of luxury in fashion? What is this style everyone is talking about? Spring-summer 2024, according to Hermès, places the woman under the banner of Quiet Luxury, a whispered luxury that makes her dream, one of the most elegant and sophisticated expressions of discreet and timeless luxury. Modernity and freshness, collections that enhance the quality of the materials, the purity of the shapes and the versatility of the garments. This French brand founded in 1837 also stands out for excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail and minimalist style. Its symbol is the silk used for ties, scarves and foulards. The motto in your advertising communication? Le luxe, c’est la liberté. If you want to know more about the combination of luxury and freedom, we recommend you visit their official website: https://www.hermes.com/us/en/.

A style characterized by clean shapes, neutral colors and refined details. Their way of dressing expresses the concept of discreet, essential and quality luxury. The psychology of fashion, the language of clothes and how the mind influences the way we dress are also connected to the whispered luxury of the Olsen sisters and The Row, their company. Founded in 2006, this brand by twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Oslen stands out for its attention to detail and minimalist style. Their way of dressing is based on clothing made with fine materials and artisanal manufacturing. If you want to follow their way of dressing, choose oversized sweaters, dandy-style coats, tailored trousers, fluid dresses and elegant shoes, that is, a few basic and versatile pieces. The important thing is to combine them harmoniously. Among the stars who have adopted their way of dressing, Cate Blanchett and Angelina Jolie. I hope I have given you an overview of this way of dressing, but you can also learn more about it on their official website https://www.therow.com/en-eu/collections/women-clothing-ready-to-wear.

Who is the designer who dresses 007? Is there anyone who dresses both men and women, in the name of class and sobriety, but without sacrificing quality and comfort? The unmistakable style of Brunello Cucinelli https://shop.brunellocucinelli.com/en-us/, is one of the most elegant and sophisticated expressions of essential and quality luxury. This brand, founded in 1978, stands out for the refinement of its minimalist style. His clothing, made in particular with cashmere, has natural or soft colors. If you love clean shapes, neutral colors and refined details, also remember that this Italian designer has created a business model based on respect for workers, nature and beauty. To follow this style, choose basic but versatile pieces; the important thing will be to match them well, creating a timeless way of dressing.

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