EXPLORING THE SIMULTANEOUS COLORS CONTRAST, UNTIL ORPHISM – Sonia Terk Delaunay: Modulations of color and light, for works with a lyrical tone

The avant-garde queen of loud, wearable art

In 1906, she moved to Paris, painting works inspired by Gauguin and van Gogh. Four years later, she married the painter Robert Delaunay. A 1913 photo, taken five years later shows her posing in a loose patchwork outfit of her own creation. Starting in 1913, she created fabrics with simultaneous contrasts, abstract creations in paper and fabric, as well as printing characters for books with different chromatic ratios and typographical characters. Her best creative vein remained that of the art of fabric, which she renewed with decorations with geometric motifs of strong chromatic intensity, typical of her painting. After the Second World War, she continued to exhibit her works of abstract art in the main exhibitions. In 1960, a modern art gallery in Turin had dedicated an exhibition with 107 of their works to Robert and Sonia Delaunay. https://sites.google.com/site/arteimmaginezappa/lezioni-di-storia-dell-arte/21-avanguardie-storiche/astrattismo/sonia-terk-delaunay.

Born in Odessa, she spent her childhood in a Ukrainian village near Kremenčuk. Oriented towards a pure color painting, she supported her husband in research on color and light refraction. To express their potential for relationship and interference, her clothes were made of colors, to which cut and shapes offered perfectly flat fields. Her 1911 little blanket-stitched for her son, it was a patchwork medley of pinks, creams and greens with hints of maroon and black, where she melded Russian folk-craft with Parisian avant-garde. Overshadowed by her more famous husband, she spent decades at the heart of the avant-garde as an artist and fashion designer. By supporting her husband in the decorations for the 1937 Paris Universal Exposition, between the two world wars, she created the first abstract clothes. In 2006, an exhibition dedicated to Sonia Delaunay was held at the Villa dei Cedri Museum in Bellinzona. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2015/mar/27/sonia-delaunay-avant-garde-queen-art-fashion-vibrant-tate-modern.

Developing a new type of expressive, abstract paintings, by matching primary and secondary colors, she and her husbund loved to create a kind of visual vibration. As well as painting, for herself and her friends she had making clothing, which is composed of swatches of fabric in different textures. In 1927, to explain the meaning she attributed to the use of fabrics, she wrote a book in which she explained how a hue that seemed uniform was instead formed by the combination of a myriad of different hues. In 2014, with an exhibition of about 400 works, a retrospective of Sonia Delaunay, who died in Paris on a December day 1975, was inaugurated at the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris https://abbigliamentoneltempo.wordpress.com/portfolio/sonia-terk-delaunay/.

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