SLEEPING HEART TO LOVE – Dante Alighieri and the story of a Platonic love

Platonic love, is still a shared feeling

Through his literary work, his feelings towards a woman, his inspiring muse, Dante Alighieri has helped to make love literature, as we know it leave. Born in Florence in 1265, he would later become the greatest poet in Italy. That unrequited sentiment lived on love and passion for a woman named Beatrice, and this creates the opportunity for an unusual romantic itinerary through Florence alighieri-in-florence.html. During their entire existence, those two met only three times. The polite love affair began with a casual encounter, when Dante Alighieri was a nine-year-old boy, immediately in love with a young woman named Beatrice. Those feelings grew over the years, until a new meeting with her, nine years later. His love for her survived her marriage and death in 1290, when she was only 24 years old.

His first literary work Vita Nuova, was written in two years, between 1292 and 1294. In 31 chapters, Dante Alighieri had inserted lyrics and sonnets, a ballad and five songs. The composition opens with a proemio, where he develops the concept of memory intended as a warehouse of memories. The plot of the book is on three moments of his life: when Beatrice gives him the greeting, when this is no longer granted to him, when she dies and the poet and soul of the beloved woman continue their journey together.

SLEEPING HEART TO LOVE I felt awoken in my heart a loving spirit that was sleeping. Then I saw Love coming from far away so glad, I could just recognize.

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