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The journey does not matter, as long as the horizon is large An author’s travel is an expression that refers to a type of journey that has a strong personal and artistic connotation, in some cases connected to travel literature https://www.artenativo.it/la-tematica-of-the-journey-in-literature/. It is a type of experience that has been lived, described and told by a writer or an artist, …

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FLORENCE, AS IN A DREAM –Author’s journey into Florentine creativity

Where breathes taste, humanity and beauty, in the highest degree If you love art, you have to go to Florence https://www.visitflorence.com/tourist-info/. The Uffizi museum or the Accademia Gallery deserve all your attention. Its beauty is not only in museums, but also in the streets, with Ponte Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti. To all this, but letting yourself be accompanied by people who …

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SLEEPING HEART TO LOVE – Dante Alighieri and the story of a Platonic love

Platonic love, is still a shared feeling Through his literary work, his feelings towards a woman, his inspiring muse, Dante Alighieri has helped to make love literature, as we know it leave. Born in Florence in 1265, he would later become the greatest poet in Italy. That unrequited sentiment lived on love and passion for a woman named Beatrice, and …

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