WRITE ABOUT ADVERSITY, TRUE SCHOOL OF THE MIND – Katharine Lee Bates: Love planted a rose, and the world turned sweet

Living between amber waves of grain and purple mountain majesties

Falmouth is adorable. We are lucky that people can arrive from all over the world to visit Cape Cod. You can experience Old Silver Beach, but get there early if you want to get a spot on the beach. Landfall restaurant https://www.landfallwoodshole.com/, is a date night, where you can find good seafood food, or only can get a drink sitting outside, on the docks, reading a few pages by Katharine Lee Bates, a writer from this city

She waiting for you in Oak Grove Cemetery at Falmouth. Her father died after she was born, and her mother and an aunt raised her. Author and educator, she wrote the text of the American national hymn. Katharine Lee Bates was born in Falmouth (Massachusetts), into an August day 1859, and was educated at Wellesley College, where also she taught English literature.

While on the college faculty, she mentored many young poets, helped establish American literature as a field for college study. Katharine Lee Bates published volumes of poetry, travel books, children’s books and books for young adults. In 1889, her young adult novel (Rose and Thorn), won a prize. Taking advantage of new educational opportunities, she study at Oxford University.

In 1906, Katharine Lee Bates built a home for her family, amd traveled to Egypt. Returning to Wellesley, she named the house “The Scarab.” The nature of her relationship with her college faculty colleague has been the subject of discussion for four decades. Most of her papers are at the Wellesley College Archives. While listening to a friend read poetry, she died in Wellesley into a March day 1929.https://www.amazon.com/America-Beautiful-Katharine-Lee-Bates/dp/0689852452

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