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A UNIQUE INDIANNESS, IN A VERY MODERN CONTEXT – Masaba Gupta, a blend of contemporary and traditional.

Unconventional prints, feminine drapes and silhouettes.

In 2018, she launched a hijab-saree line targeting Muslim women who want to wear Indian high fashion. MASABA GUPTA married film producer, but they are now separated. She claims that 60% of her sales happen through WhatsApp and is credited to be the first Indian designer, to do an Instagram show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Idrm5SetS6E

She found a live-in father figure in her maternal grandfather, who got in touch with her when she turned 20. Born to West Indies cricketer and Indian actor, MASABA GUPTA grew up in Mumbai, but her arents never married and mother raised her as a single-mother. At 19, she applied for Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai. Well known for the creative names she gives each collection, she named her first collection Kattran (miniature bits of fabric) https://www.houseofmasaba.net/.

She is noted for her unconventional prints, along with feminine drapes and silhouettes. She is a fashion designer with style can be defined as a blend of contemporary and traditional. Her 2014 collection, was inspired by novelist Roman Payne’s doe-eyed gypsy girl character. MASABA GUPTA it is specializes in ethnic wear for women, using uses silk, chiffon and cotton. https://www.perniaspopupshop.com/designers/masaba

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