NEW YORK FASHION TRENDS – Labels newcomers: Tomo Koizumi and No Sesso to.

Clothes mean nothing, until someone lives in them.

Overflowing with architectural treasures, New York that never sleeps is easily one of the most exciting places to visit. You are looking for cool and unusual hotels? Located two stops from Midtown Manhattan, this 4-star boutique hotel started life as a paper factory. The Paper Factory, it was open in 2013, featuring reclaimed wood ceilings and 1950s-style teal-green mini-fridges in the bedrooms. Walking New York, you can discover style is a way to say whom you are without having to speak. Yes, also here fashion is like eating: you should not stick to the same menu.

Up across the city, there of design elements that showed creativity: Such as newness in the zebra print and psychedelic colorways, colorful leather and ruffled collars. As opening week of the fashion marathon, always New York gives you its on future’s first glimpse. Supported by actors and singers, he creates many custom-made costumes, he worked as a stylist assistant. While studying in Chiba University, launched his own brand.

Tomo Koizumi, he is the designer of dresses huge at Marc Jacobs’s Madison Avenue store, where he held a first fashion show. In the basement of that store, he also creating a Wonderland where viewers were guided through by white rabbits. He is no longer a semi-unknown, but has become the new name to bet on, the character to discover. He managed to put together a collection of 28 pieces (made with a lot of Japanese organza), all inspired by Japanese dolls and floral works of art. With his big fan Katie Grand, for him life has reserved great surprises, allowing him to show off his clothes on the most popular models.

She has collaborated with several West Coast artists. In the No Sesso world, people go to work with the working girl staples and shirts reinterpreted in imaginative ways. With his No Sesso, Pierre Davis has built a tight community of creators, reinterpreted working girl staples in an imaginative way. His collections, feature a wide range of fabrics and signature hand embroidery. It is a Los Angeles fashion house founded by Pierre Davis in 2015. No Sesso is a brand focuses on empowering people of all colors and identities.

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