THE TASTE OF LANGUAGE, MAPPED BY MANY COLORS – Marjorie Evasco: gathering broken shards, in memory of those who went ahead of us.

In the rooms of love, the landscape is not always seamless.

It was known to be a fishing village when Jesuit priests first landed here, but it is know for a famous poet. Offers you a panoramic view of the neighboring island, Cebu province. Going there may take at about 30 minutes from the capital to the town. Maribojoc it is a coastal town located on the southwestern part of Bohol Visiting Punta Cruz Watchtower (barangay Punta Cruz in Maribojoc), you can discover a triangular structure built as a lookout post against pirates.

Her formative years in school were spent under the tutelage of nuns. She is one of the earliest Filipina feminist poets, writes in English and Cebuano-Visayan, also supporting women’s rights. MARJORIE EVASCO was born into a family of teachers in Maribojoc (Bohol) on a September day, 1953. She finished Masteral Degree in Creative Writing in 1982. For many years, she was director a creative writing center.

She has received several Philippine Free Press prizes for her poems and essays. She has written many essays on women’s poetry (several of them finding their place in various anthologies). Her prize-winning poetry books they are Dreamweavers: Selected Poems, Ochre Tones: Poems and Ochre Tones. MARJORIE EVASCO was a founding member of organizations espousing the cause of women writers. She has been published extensively in Asia, Europe and North America.

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