ALTERNATIVE ROCK & SURROUNDINGS – Denisse Malebrán: the state of a songwriter, especially with regard working order.

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Famous for its stunning setting amid the Andes, Chile’s capital city it a mix of modern and Spanish colonial architecture and savours. Santiago is experiencing a culinary renaissance like the one never seen before. In the Chilean capital, maybe you too can wish know where to find blistered empanadas, loaded mechada sandwiches, and parrilla-style steaks. Look the colorful facade and the red- and white-checkered tablecloths.You are in Bar Liguria, where locals go for traditional Chilean comfort food with a side of bohemian vibes. The background music? Perhaps you will listen to songs by a woman who was born here.

At school, he studied lyric singing, however he went through different styles, but he never abandoned his rebellious style. Born in Santiago, Chile, on a day in May 1976, DENISSE MALEBRAN is a Chilean composer and singer. Motivated by his ideals, he chose to devote himself to the study of sociology, also participating in a musical project concerning the search for funding for an independent production.

In 1999, DENISSE MALEBRAN was chose as the female voice of the Saiko group, adding voice and image to the trio. Her strong and idealistic character and her ability to interpret ideas led her to defend political issues and campaigns against violence. With the passage of time, he took first place in the group, writing the entire album “Las horas“.In 2007, the group performed with her for the last time, having decided to start a solo singer career. In 2012, it is confirmed that she was back with Luciano Rojas and Coty Abotiz. The Saiko band has filled the Nescafé Theater of Arts. At the end of 2016, he published “Sigo Quemando Infinitos”, recording a concert held at the Chocolate Club in Santiago. The new studio album “Lengua muerta, 15”, was released in 2017.

THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND – They punish me for silence, they do not understand, the perpetual failure to not announce who is disguised that I cannot find. They do not understand, I put a wolf in my pen. They do not understand that it was not a game. They confuse their mask, they do not understand, my past denies all piety and surrender. Stay; get sick when you think of those who believe? It hurts to unmask, they do not understand the bait. They do not understand, my silence hides hours of agony, has fallen asleep the innocence that was sleeping. They do not understand the prison I gave to life. They punish me for failing, they do not understand, I tried to form a real castle without luck, a disguise I cannot find. They do not understand, I put a wolf in my pen. They do not understand, blind accomplice to take care of. They do not understand that my silence hides hours of agony, welcomed.

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