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MANHATTAN BEACH – Novel by Jennifer Egan

A crime story on the waterfront

Of her inspiration and approach to the work, listening music she have not experience time as linear, but experience it in layers. JENNIFER EGAN, an American novelist and short story writer who lives in Clinton Hill, (Brooklyn), in 1962 was born in Chicago but grew up in San Francisco. She has published one short story collection and four novels. After graduating, she majored in English literature and while an undergraduate, Steve Jobs installed a Macintosh computer in her bedroom. She has published short fiction, and her journalism appears in The New York Times Magazine.

Here you can read about clash of Wall Street bankers and fashion models, or college students and journalists. JENNIFER EGAN explores New York’s maritime history from the Depression era through WWII, proving that that waterways surrounding Manhattan that hold of the city’s stories. In the opening pages of “Manhattan Beach”, an 11-year-old girl visits the Brooklyn shoreline on a winter day, in the company of her father and an underworld figure. Circumstances send the characters in disparate directions, but readers will understand that their fates have just become inextricably intertwined.

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